Debaditya Raychaudhury

I am a Simons Postdoctoral Fellow at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences at Toronto, Ontario. I am working on algebraic geometry and my supervisor at the Fields Institute is Professor V. Kumar Murty. I received my Ph.D. degree in mathematics from the University of Kansas at Lawrence, Kansas under the supervision of Professor Purnaprajna Bangere. I obtained my B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Chennai Mathematical Institute, India. Here is my CV.

Here's a little bit more about me: I grew up in Kolkata, India. I spent five years in Chennai, India for my bachelor's and master's degrees before joining KU in 2015. Outside of mathematics, I am interested in listening to music and watching movies.

address The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences,
222 College Street, Second Floor, Toronto, ON M5T3J1
phone +1 (785) 979-7626
Debaditya Raychoudhury