Debaditya Raychaudhury

My research interest is in algebraic geometry. More specifically, I am interested in the following areas.

Publications and preprints
  1. Positivity of zero-regular bundles, continuous CM-regularity, and generic vanishing with an appendix: On syzygies of projective bundles on abelian varieties by Atsushi Ito, preprint. [arXiv]
  2. Koszul property of Ulrich bundles and rationality of moduli spaces of stable bundles on Del Pezzo surfaces (with P. Bangere, and J. Mukherjee), submitted. [arXiv]
  3. Tautological families of cyclic covers of projective spaces (with P. Kundu, and J. Mukherjee), submitted. [arXiv]
  4. Deformations and moduli of irregular canonical covers with K2=4pg−8 (with P. Bangere, F. J. Gallego, and J. Mukherjee), submitted. [arXiv]
  5. Deformation of morphisms, varieties of low codimension and asymptotic limits (with P. Bangere, F. J. Gallego, and J. Mukherjee), submitted. [arXiv]
  6. A note on stability of syzygy bundles on Enriques and bielliptic surfaces (with J. Mukherjee).
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 150 (2022), no. 9, 3715–3724. [journal] [arXiv]
  7. Smoothing of multiple structures on embedded Enriques manifolds (with J. Mukherjee).
    Mathematische Zeitschrift 300 (2022), no. 2, 1241–1263. [journal] [arXiv]
  8. K3 carpets on minimal rational surfaces and their smoothings (with P. Bangere, and J. Mukherjee).
    International Journal of Mathematics 32 (2021), no. 6, 2150032, 20 pp. [journal] [arXiv]
  9. Remarks on projective normality for certain Calabi-Yau and hyperkähler varieties (with J. Mukherjee).
    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 224 (2020), no. 10, 106383, 19 pp. [journal] [arXiv]
  10. On the projective normality and normal presentation on higher dimensional varieties with nef canonical bundle (with J. Mukherjee).
    Journal of Algebra 540 (2019), 121–155. [journal] [arXiv]
Debaditya Raychoudhury